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LAUNCH X431 CRP919X PRO Elite Bidirectional Car Diagnostic Scanner Key Coding BT

LAUNCH X431 CRP919X PRO Elite Bidirectional Car Diagnostic Scanner Key Coding BT
LAUNCH X431 CRP919X PRO Elite Bidirectional Car Diagnostic Scanner Key Coding BT
LAUNCH X431 CRP919X PRO Elite Bidirectional Car Diagnostic Scanner Key Coding BT
LAUNCH X431 CRP919X PRO Elite Bidirectional Car Diagnostic Scanner Key Coding BT
LAUNCH X431 CRP919X PRO Elite Bidirectional Car Diagnostic Scanner Key Coding BT
LAUNCH X431 CRP919X PRO Elite Bidirectional Car Diagnostic Scanner Key Coding BT
LAUNCH X431 CRP919X PRO Elite Bidirectional Car Diagnostic Scanner Key Coding BT
LAUNCH X431 CRP919X PRO Elite Bidirectional Car Diagnostic Scanner Key Coding BT
LAUNCH X431 CRP919X PRO Elite Bidirectional Car Diagnostic Scanner Key Coding BT
LAUNCH X431 CRP919X PRO Elite Bidirectional Car Diagnostic Scanner Key Coding BT
LAUNCH X431 CRP919X PRO Elite Bidirectional Car Diagnostic Scanner Key Coding BT
LAUNCH X431 CRP919X PRO Elite Bidirectional Car Diagnostic Scanner Key Coding BT
LAUNCH X431 CRP919X PRO Elite Bidirectional Car Diagnostic Scanner Key Coding BT
LAUNCH X431 CRP919X PRO Elite Bidirectional Car Diagnostic Scanner Key Coding BT
LAUNCH X431 CRP919X PRO Elite Bidirectional Car Diagnostic Scanner Key Coding BT
LAUNCH X431 CRP919X PRO Elite Bidirectional Car Diagnostic Scanner Key Coding BT
LAUNCH X431 CRP919X PRO Elite Bidirectional Car Diagnostic Scanner Key Coding BT
LAUNCH X431 CRP919X PRO Elite Bidirectional Car Diagnostic Scanner Key Coding BT

LAUNCH X431 CRP919X PRO Elite Bidirectional Car Diagnostic Scanner Key Coding BT    LAUNCH X431 CRP919X PRO Elite Bidirectional Car Diagnostic Scanner Key Coding BT

LAUNCH X431 CRP919X PRO Elite Bidirectional Car Diagnostic Scanner Key Coding BT. EL50448 TPMS Reset Relearn Tool Auto Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor1. LAUNCH X431 CRP919XBT OBD2 Scanner 2024 Bidirectional Diagnostic Tool, CANFD&DOIP Support 2024 Model, 2Yrs Update, Wireless Diagnostic with DBScar VII, FCA AutoAuth, VAG Guided, ECU Coding, IMMO. The CRP919X scan tool now includes Bluetooth and is called the CRP919XBT. Illuminates blue/red/green when it's connected or charging.

CRP919XBT-the MVP of the Car Diagnostic World? Letting you identify and fix any problems before they turn into major issues. ECU Coding-Customize Your Vehicle Like a Pro? CRP919XBT scan tool takes things to the next level with its newly released online coding capability. Now you can easily perform coding and programming tasks for your vehicle directly from this car scanner. And with the ability to copy data into new modules for 100+ popular brands, it is the perfect tool for customizing your vehicle to your exact specifications. Bi-directional Control-Fast and Easy Car Subsystem Testing? CRP919XBT scan tool also offers bi-directional control, allowing you to perform powerful active tests on car subsystems. Check the working status and functionality of open and close solenoids, energize injectors, turn cooling fan on and off, and more, all from the device itself. With the CRP919XBT's bi-directional control feature, technicians can perform tests quickly and easily, potentially increasing their earnings.

31+ Maintenance Services & Easy Vehicle Matching? The CRP919XBT cool car accessories is equipped with 31+ maintenance services to handle the most complex vehicles. With easy vehicle matching, servicing has never been easier.

DoIP & CAN FD & IMMO? The CRP919XBT automotive tools offers DoIP & CAN FD protocols for error-f ree vehicle connection, ensuring a seamless diagnostic exper ience. With IMMO antitheft services, technicians can offer key programming and replacement services to customers who have lost or need a spare key. This feature simplifies the process, making it easy to disable lost keys and add new ones. Have a problem with the product?

The printer scanner even generates diagnosis reports that you can download, share, and print for further analysis. The trouble-free and worry-free A udi VW guided function means having an expert on car repairs at your fingertips. Our goal is to keep your vehicle running smoothly and ensure your complete sa-tisfaction.

LAUNCH X431 CRP919X BT 2024 Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner, Wireless Diagnostic Tool with 2yrs Update. Why Choose LAUNCH X431 CRP919X BT Wireless Diagnostic Tool? Bluetooth connection & Alternative USB connection: Experience the freedom of wireless connectivity with the convenience of a reliable USB connection. Stay connected to your vehicle effortlessly, enabling quick and efficient diagnostics that save you time and hassle.

ECU Online Coding & Offline Programming: Unlock the power of customization with online coding and offline programming capabilities. Personalize your vehicle's settings and stay up-to-date with the la-test software updates, ensuring optimal performance and enhanced driving experience.

Bi-Directional Control: Take full control of your vehicle like never before. Seamlessly actuate and test components in both directions, enabling precise calibration, advanced troubleshooting, and cost-effective repairs. Key Programming: Say goodbye to the inconvenience of lost or damaged keys. Gain the ability to program new keys or reprogram existing ones, ensuring secure access to your vehicle and peace of mind.

More accurate diagnostic data: LAUNCH has a more complete database, diagnosing 5 million cars per month, and outputting 10 million diagnostic reports. LAUNCH's diagnostic data is more accurate, making it a perfect tool for any modern car repair shop. Full Systems Diagnose: Supporting over 10,000 vehicles worldwide, this powerful diagnostic tool covers a wide range of car brands and models. Whether your vehicle is OBD1, OBD2, EOBD, or JOBD compliant, the CRP919X BT has got you covered. With the CRP919X BT, you can perform a range of essential diagnostic functions, including reading and clearing fault codes, viewing live data streams, recording and playing back data for in-depth analysis, and retrieving module information.

Additionally, the active test feature enables you to check the work status of various modules such as ABS, ECM, BCM, SRS, TCM, TPMS, and more. This diagnostic tool does not have IP limitations, ensuring that you can use it freely. CANFD & DoIP: Experience the future of diagnostics with our la-test innovation - the ability to seamlessly connect with CAN FD protocol cars, with the option to acquire the DOIP Connector for expanded capabilities. These groundbreaking protocols revolutionize vehicle communication, achieving up to 2x faster communication between modules.

Benefit from dramatically increased data rates and unparalleled diagnostic speeds that surpass all previous standards. It's designed for compatibility with the la-test GM vehicles from 2020 onwards. But the scope doesn't end there. Unlock diagnostic potential across a range of models, including BMW F and G Chassis, along with Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles from 2017 onwards, as well as Volvo vehicles manufactured after 2018. 4G+64GB: Unleash the power of abundant storage and lightning-quick connectivity.

With 64GB of storage and 4G capabilities, you'll effortlessly handle vast amounts of diagnostic data, ensuring smooth operation and efficient performance. Android 10.0 OS: Discover a user-friendly interface and limitless possibilities with the Android 10.0 operating system.

Enjoy seamless navigation, access to a wealth of compatible apps, and a familiar experience that enhances productivity. Guided Function for VAG Vehicles: Exclusive to VAG (Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, and Seat) vehicles, the Guided Function provides step-by-step repair guidance for technicians and individuals alike. Avoid potential car fault settings caused by incorrect operations and ensure precise and accurate repairs. This invaluable feature enhances your diagnostic accuracy and eliminates guesswork, saving you time and preventing costly mistakes.

Autoauth for FCA SGW: Experience hassle-free diagnostics on FCA (Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and Ram) vehicles with the Autoauth feature for FCA SGW. Say goodbye to frustrating security gateway limitations and gain seamless access to essential diagnostic functions. This added convenience saves you time and enhances your diagnostic efficiency.

31+ Services: Unlock a comprehensive suite of diagnostic services tailored to your needs. From reading and clearing DTCs to live data streaming, component testing, adaptations, and calibrations, enjoy an all-in-one solution that empowers efficient and effective vehicle maintenance. 8-in-1 Data Stream: Capture real-time data from up to eight vehicle parameters simultaneously.

Gain valuable insights into your vehicle's performance, identify hidden issues, and make informed decisions for optimal maintenance and repairs. 6300mAh Battery Capacity: Keep your diagnostic sessions going strong with a high-capacity 6300mAh battery.

Enjoy extended usage time without interruptions, ensuring uninterrupted focus and productivity. 8MP Rear Camera: Capture visual evidence and document your diagnostics with an 8-megapixel rear camera.

Enhance your communication, collaborate effectively, and ensure accurate record-keeping for better analysis and streamlined repairs. By choosing the LAUNCH X431 CRP919X BT Wireless Diagnostic Tool, you'll enjoy benefits such as convenience, efficiency, accuracy, versatility, and compatibility. Elevate your diagnostic capabilities and make informed decisions for optimal vehicle performance and maintenance. LAUNCH X431 CRP919X BT Diagnostic Tool - Bluetooth Connectivity. Imagine you're a busy automotive technician working in a bustling repair shop. A customer's car arrives with a complex electrical issue. With the LAUNCH X431 CRP919X BT's Bluetooth connectivity, you swiftly connect wirelessly to the vehicle. As you maneuver around the shop, diagnosing the car's systems, you easily access and analyze real-time data on your tablet. No more frustrating cable limitations or time wasted on cable connections. The Bluetooth connectivity ensures a seamless and convenient diagnostic process, allowing you to efficiently pinpoint the problem and provide swift solutions. >>>Enhance your diagnostics and matching experience with the power of USB Type A, USB Type C connectors, and the cutting-edge DBSCar VII VCI connector. This dynamic combination guarantes a faster and more stable diagnostic process.

The DBSCar VII connector stands out with its built-in indicator lights, offering an intuitive and user-friendly interface for effortless navigation. The DBSCar VII shines as the pinnacle of value. It reigns as the advanced and distinctive connector available in the market for the la-test scanner from Launch.

Elevate your diagnostic efficiency with the unparalleled capabilities of the DBSCar VII - your gateway to seamless diagnostics and un-matched performance. The DBSCar VII VCI connector feed-backs the working status through the indicator light. A blue light indicates that the VCI is communicating with the tablet computer wirelessly. A red light indicates that the VCI is connected to the tablet. A blinking green light indicates that the VCI is communicating with the vehicle. >>>Working seamlessly with your LAUNCH X431 CRP919X BT diagnostic tool, Bluetooth connectivity allows for wireless communication between the tool and your vehicle's onboard systems. >>>Enjoy the efficiency of near-instantaneous sensor readings, fault code retrieval, and system information access, thanks to the remarkable data transfer rate of up to 3 Mbps.

>>>By establishing a secure and reliable connection, it enables the transfer of diagnostic data, including live sensor readings, fault codes, and system information. You can perform diagnostics without the constraints of physical cables. This wireless connection simplifies the diagnostic process, providing freedom of movement around the vehicle and easy access to diagnostic functions. Powerful Bi-directional Control (Active Testing) of X431 CRP919X BT.

Now, imagine you're a proactive vehicle owner who values preventive maintenance. You're planning a long road trip, and you want to ensure your vehicle is in optimal condition. Using the LAUNCH X431 CRP919X BT's active testing feature, you start by performing a comprehensive test on your car's critical systems. You engage the actuators, activate the lights, and test the sensors.

In real-time, you observe their responses, confirming that everything is functioning as it should. With this peace of mind, you embark on your journey, confident that your vehicle is well-maintained and ready for the road ahead. LAUNCH CRP919X BT scanner with its powerful Bi-directional Control feature. With Bi-directional Control, you have the ability to send commands directly to various systems and components of the vehicle.

By bypassing the vehicle controls, you can test the operating status of specific systems, components, or subsystems without relying on manual controls. This allows you to quickly assess whether they are functioning normally, providing valuable insights into their performance. Imagine being able to test and control components such as the EVAP Solenoid, Windows, Rear Mirrors, Wipers, Fuel Injector, and more, all from the convenience of your diagnostic tool. This eliminates the need for manual intervention and significantly reduces diagnostic time.

Not only does Bi-directional Control save you time, but it also improves the efficiency of problem location and diagnostic accuracy. By directly commanding the vehicle systems, you can accurately assess their responses, identify faulty components, and make informed decisions for repairs. This powerful feature empowers you to provide faster, more efficient diagnostic services, enhancing your business and turning your auto workshop into the fast lane. Choose the LAUNCH CRP919X BT scanner and experience the power of Bi-directional Control.

Streamline your diagnostic process, increase your efficiency, and deliver superior results. Stay at the forefront of automotive diagnostics with a tool that offers unparalleled capabilities and takes your diagnostic accuracy to new heights. ECU Coding of X431 CRP919X BT--Customize Your Vehicle Like a Pro. In the intricate world of automobiles, every actuator is endowed with a unique record code within the ECU - a fundamental mechanism that orchestrates the seamless functioning of various car systems.

Enter ECU coding: the transformative process that fosters harmonious interaction between multiple car systems, activating actuators and facilitating their orchestrated performance. The LAUNCH X431 CRP919X BT Scan Tool boasts an advanced ECU coding function that elegantly addresses a spectrum of automotive challenges, revolutionizing your approach to vehicle diagnostics.

ECU Online Coding: Unlock a New Realm of Possibilities. Experience the prowess of ECU online coding, an innovation that directly links you to the OEM server.

Seamlessly regain access to lost OEM online data, exclusively compatible with VW, Audi, Skoda, and Seat. This unique capability empowers you to effortlessly restore functions such as acoustical confirmation, active rear spoiler management, SiriusXM coding, digital speedometer calibration, start & stop button configuration, remote window control unlocking, acoustic pedestrian protection, active cruise control activation, air conditioning setting memory, automatic air recirculation, ambient lighting brightness adjustment, and an array of other possibilities. Component Matching: Precision in Restoration. In the aftermath of replacing faulty actuators or specific components, the component matching feature becomes your indispensable ally. This vital function generates new codes and seamlessly integrates new actuators into the system.

Following simple on-screen instructions, wipe the ECU's memory of past configurations and input adaptive data into designated components. With LAUNCH X431 CRP919X BT, you're equipped with a professional-grade tool that establishes impeccable communication between new ECU modules, ensuring accuracy in every reconfiguration. Personalization: Unlock Your Vehicle's Potential. Explore the realm of personalization as you unlock hidden features, customize settings, and unleash the true potential of your vehicle. Refine the code to: 1 personalize vehicle settings, 2 unveil latent vehicle capabilities, 3 activate advanced functionalities, and 4 selectively disable certain features.

Perfectly aligned with brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, and more, this feature facilitates actions such as deactivating start/stop functions, eliminating bothersome beeping during locking and unlocking, muting seatbelt warning sounds, and automating mirrors' folding and unfolding. Variant Coding (Offline Programming): Adapting to Diverse Realities. Variation coding takes the spotlight as it programs ECUs to harmonize with diverse vehicle variants - from left-hand drive to right-hand drive configurations.

Adapt to distinct legal requirements, such as automatic headlight activation during driving. This feature flexes its prowess in Nissan, Nissan-GTR, Infiniti, Hyundai, and other compatible vehicles. Customize OE-Settings (Retrofit/Modification): Redefine Performance. Experience a realm of vehicle transformation designed to amplify performance and elevate business profits. Reconfigure default settings to reshape your vehicle's behavior - upgrading fog lamps, elevating battery capacity, embracing larger tires, and seamlessly integrating adaptive cruise control, tire pressure monitoring systems, and reversing radar. A Final Note: Precision is Key. Please note that while ECU coding is potent, its compatibility isn't universal.

For a personalized compatibility assessment, kindly send your VIN number, year, and model. Unveiling More Powerful Features: 1.

Programmable Module Installation: For Ford, Lincoln, Mazda, and more. Seamlessly replace or initialize modules by copying data from the original module and installing it onto the new unit, simplifying module replacement. Online Repair Source: Access a wealth of online repair guidance resources, from operational tips and DTC assistance to a comprehensive technology handbook and relevant case studies. Effortlessly access online resources, making your work even more efficient.

With ECU Coding, the Launch X431 CRP919X BT puts you in control of your vehicle's performance and customization. Experience the freedom to personalize and optimize your driving experience like never before. Unlock the full potential of your car with confidence and precision. 2024 LAUNCH X431 CRP919X BT Scanner for Car - 31+ OE-Level Maintenance Functions. The reset functions of your diagnostic scanners are not enough. Limited vehicle compatibility of your automotive scan tools cannot recruit more business. LAUNCH CRP919X BT OBD2 scanner can drive your trouble away.

Oil Lamp Reset Service- Resetting the engine oil life system is a common maintenance task that customers will need to perform regularly. EPB Reset- Replacing and resetting the brake pad is a critical safety concern for customers. BAT battery service(BMS)BMS Reset (Battery Register / Battery Maintenance).

SAS Steering Angel Sensor Reset - Resetting the steering angle to zero is important for maintaining vehicle alignment and stability. IMMO Key Programming(Anti-theft Matching) - Disabling lost keys and adding new keys is a common concern for customers with easy IMMO systems. ABS Bleeding - Exhausting air from the ABS system is important for maintaining proper brake performance. Fuel Injector Coding- Writing new injector codes into the car system is important for correct cylinder injection quantity.

TPMS service - Displaying sensor IDs, inputting replacement IDs, and testing sensors is an important function for ensuring proper tire pressure and vehicle safety. Throttle Adaptation (idle relearn) - Initializing the throttle actuators to the default state can improve vehicle performance.

AFS Headlamp Reset - Initializing the adaptive headlamp system can improve visibility and safety. Sunroof Initialization- Resetting the sunroof control unit can improve overall vehicle functionality. Gearbox Reset- Completing the gearbox self-learning process can improve gear shifting quality.

Adblue Reset(Diesel Engine Exhaust Gas Filter)- Resetting urea after diesel exhaust treatment fluid replacement is important for diesel engine performance. Nox Sensor Reset-Resetting the catalytic converter learned value stored in the ECU is important for maintaining vehicle performance. Reset Fuel Alcohol Level 29? High Voltage Battery Diagnostics 31?

Interactive Vehicle Dynamics (IVD) Initialization Sequence 34? Halt/Resume Transmission Adaptive Learning 36? Passive Anti Theft System(PATS)Functions 37? Initialisation Of Automatic Tailgate 39? Initialise Power Window Regulators 40?

Normalise Slide/ Tilt Sunroof 42? Transmission Service Fast Relearn 47? Injector Fuel Rate Programming 50? Engage in full module exploration, encompassing ECM, TCM, ABS, SRS, EPB, BCM, EPS, HVAC, TPMS, and so on.

Elevate your diagnostics game with OE level precision, empowering you to decode codes, erase codes, execute smog tests, capture live data, freeze frames, conduct Evap tests, perform DTC lookups, receive detection assistance, access On-Board Monitor Test Mode, verify I/M readiness, test O2 sensors, retrieve ECU information, conduct Matching & Adaptations, engage in ECU coding, and even activate tests. Yet, it doesn't stop there. It seamlessly transcends boundaries, silently suppress those irksome instrument fault indicators. Dive into the power of reading and clearing codes, scrutinizing O2 sensors, validating I/M readiness, executing On-board Monitor tests, streaming data with fluidity, capturing freeze frame data, conducting EVAP system evaluations, and obtaining vital vehicle information such as the VIN, calibration ID, and calibration verification numbers. Experience an unrivaled 8-in-1 live data stream, fusing 8 graphs into one, revealing precise correlations in vehicle performance.

Witness fuel pressure, battery voltage, cylinder misfires, fuel trim, RPM, and more converge into a singular, comprehensive view. Decode what occurred, when, and how it intertwines. Easily identify anomalies as you focus on specific data parameters, achieving a meticulous understanding of your vehicle's health and potential issues. Export data as CSV for enduring analysis on your PC, ensuring meticulous scrutiny and informed actions. With a 2-year update period, enjoy continuous software updates and expanded coverage at no extra cost.

With high update frequency, new features/cars released monthly. Effortlessly update via WiFi for additional functions, broader vehicle coverage, more language options, and enhanced performance. Save significantly, as these updates would typically cost hundreds of dollars annually.

Competitors have no software maintenance for a long time, vehicles model/ functions update less support less. Discover a new era in diagnostics with the Launch CRP919EBT bidirectional scan tool. Powered by cutting-edge Auto VIN Technology, effortlessly uncover vehicle details like Brand, Year, Make, Model, and more with a single touch. Empowering auto technicians and home mechanics alike, this innovation streamlines your diagnostic journey. The fusion of Auto VIN and Auto Scan transforms the CRP919EBT into a diagnostic powerhouse.

Seamlessly identify vehicle information with a touch and delve into comprehensive diagnostics. Experience a new level of accuracy and efficiency that ensures confident decision-making. While Auto VIN might not cover all cars, manual navigation through the menu offers a personalized approach. Easily perform diagnostics and services, catering to a wide array of vehicles with precision.

Experience the convenience of real-time battery testing with the Launch CRP919X BT scanner. While diagnosing vehicle problems, this advanced tool displays the real-time battery voltage on the top right corner of the screen, providing instant and intuitive insights. With the real-time battery test feature, you can monitor the battery voltage in real-time without the need for additional equipment or manual measurements. Whether you're troubleshooting electrical systems or evaluating battery health, this valuable feature enhances your diagnostic capabilities and streamlines the troubleshooting process. WHAT'S IN THE BOX. Get everything you need in one convenient package:1 Launch CRP919BT Tablet; 1 DBSCAR VII Connector; 1 OBDII Diagnostic Cable & 1 Type-A to Type-C USB Cable; 1 Power Adaptor & 1 US/UK/EU Plug Adapter; 1 Password Envelope & 1 User Manual & 1 Carrying Case & 1 Quick Start Guide. And it doesn't stop there. For dealers, these modules translate into additional repair opportunities, optimized efficiency, and advanced technical skills. TPMS (X431 TSGUN): Expand X-431 diagnostic capabilities to encompass new functions. Otherwise an Unpaid Item case will be opened to you. We have warehouse in USA, UK, HongKong, Australia, Russian, Germany and China warehouse. 12 months free repair for the devices. 3 months for the accessories. If after 30 days, or the item has been used, we have the right to decline your claim. We are specialized dealer of On-Board Diagnostic tools and automotive electronics. For more than 10 years. We are authorized first class distributor of Launch, Autel, Ausdom, Caska and Ehang brands. And more brands will be show in our store in near future. Business time: GMT8 (9:00-18:00) from Monday to Friday.
LAUNCH X431 CRP919X PRO Elite Bidirectional Car Diagnostic Scanner Key Coding BT    LAUNCH X431 CRP919X PRO Elite Bidirectional Car Diagnostic Scanner Key Coding BT