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Neptune A3 Apex Pro System

Neptune A3 Apex Pro System
Neptune A3 Apex Pro System

Neptune A3 Apex Pro System    Neptune A3 Apex Pro System

Neptune A3 Apex Pro System. An Apex monitored aquarium is a successful aquarium! Introducing the exciting all-new A3 Series of Apex controllers. To the Pro, Apex has a solution for every aquarium level. A3 Series Apex Controllers - Monitoring and Control Solutions for every Aquarist!

Ultimate control for any serious control freak. Our A3 Apex Pro System offers the most complete experience of monitoring and control for the discerning aquarist. Core control and everyday monitoring.

The A3 Apex System offers the control but scaled back monitoring with room to grow for the everyday aquarist. Monitoring for all, control ready. Is the first monitoring only solution that monitors exactly what you need; and, when ready, opens the door to control for all aquarist.

WHICH APEX IS RIGHT FOR ME? Keeping a stable and consistent temperature in the aquarium is paramount to the health of your inhabitants.

Monitoring temperature and especially temperature changes throughout the day is mission critical. Having a quality temperature monitoring solution that also alerts you to over or under temperature situations is a must for a successful aquarium. APEX PRO / APEX / APEX Jr. Keeping pH stable is critically important to healthy coral. A stable pH is also less stressful for all the aquarium's inhabitants. Monitoring pH not only allows you to tune in desirable parameter stability but also serves as an important warning system to warn you of negative chemistry changes. Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) is the measurement of water cleanliness. ORP level indirectly indicates the ability of beneficial bacteria in the aquarium to reduce contaminants like nitrates, ammonia ECT. Ultimately it is in part a measure of the electrical charge available to break down these contaminants.

Sudden changes in ORP are often reflective of organically bad things, happening the aquarium. If a fish passes or too much food is available, the change in ORP can prove to be a much needed signal to investigate or take action. The Optical Multi Surface Leak Sensor is an improved version of the Solid-Surface Leak Sensor (LD-2).

Improvements include an epoxied design that allows the sensor to be utilized repeatedly and an optical sensor that allows the sensor to be placed on any surface including metal and epoxied cement floors without returning a false activation. When it comes to water on the floor, time is critical.

Upon contact with liquid this sensor will communicate to your Apex to send an alert or trigger other actions. With a wire length of 5 meters (16.3ft) this sensor is a must have for placement inside and outside of your sump.

Protect your aquarium and your home. The optical sensor indicates the presence of water above or below the sensor location. The Magnetic Optical Sensor features an improved look and feel.

The sealed housing and magnetic mounting design prevent water incursion and make mounting quick and easy. How much water has been added?

How much solution is left? Until now the only way to find out was to measure it yourself. New to aquarists, and exclusive to Apex, is the ability to specifically measure water depth in inches or centimeters. Available in four different sizes- 4', 15' 23' and 35' there is a perfect length for water level monitoring in, aquariums, reservoirs, and liquid containers. Monitoring to the next level with the LSS.

Monitor Alkalinity, Calcium, and Magnesium. Automatic Feeding of your Fish and Corals.

ENERGY BAR 832 - THE ULTIMATE POWER CONTROL HUB. When we decided to create an Energy Bar for this new Apex, we designed it from the ground up. Not only does the Energy Bar 832 have eight 120V AC outlets, but it includes an internal 100W 24VDC power supply as well. That power supply feeds three built-in 1LINK ports as well as two 24VDC accessory ports.

And, each individual outlet has independent power monitoring and there are individual LED indicators for each outlet. Read on and watch the videos for more info. BUILT-IN 1LINK AND 24VDC PORTS. ALARMS AND DECISIONS BASED ON POWER. Total power connections for your aquarium devices.

120V AC Outlets all switched with relays rated for millions of cycles. 1LINK 24VDC Smart outlets for devices such as WAV, DOS, etc. Switchable 24VDC outlets for accessories such as small pumps, solenoids, fans, etc. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS. The EnergyBar 832 is for use in North America (USA, Canada, and parts of Mexico) and other locales where the electrical service grid provides 120VAC 60Hz power.

For sale in international regions which use 230VAC 50Hz power, Apex systems are bundled with an EnergyBar 632 equipped with 6 outlets specific to that region (UK, EU, AU, or Schuko). SETUP HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER.

From the moment you open the box you are guided along every step of the way from what is in the box, getting connected to your network and setting up the monitoring and control of your aquarium. Please note electrical requirements for your countries electric grid. All products we sell, unless noted otherwise are 110v 60hz with a USA plug.

Feel free to call message us with product questions, recommendations and/or order status updates.

Neptune A3 Apex Pro System    Neptune A3 Apex Pro System